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Established in 2015, SOLAR THIRST has successfully become a dominant player in the Sri Lankan solar energy market in less than a decade. SOLAR THIRST was conceived with the idea of making Sri Lanka energy efficient and lowering the nation’s carbon footprint. Our enterprise is built upon the trust of our clientele earned through optimum service and efficient customer support.

With six years of experience in handling commercial and governmental projects and over 1358 successful installations to our credit, SOLAR THIRST has become a leader in the local energy market, providing premium services to its customers.

Since its inception, SOLAR THIRST has successfully reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 750.408 metric tons. We look towards a future, where we as a nation would contribute net zero carbon to the global footprint. Our aim is to foster a sustainable tomorrow without compromising on the needs of the present generation.

Why Choose Us

From its inception, Solar Thirst has maintained a technology discipline which helped us to emerge as a trusted technology partner for the renewable energy industry in Sri Lanka.


We design solutions to last a minimum of three decades. There is a very narrow space for us to try different technologies at our customer expenses. After analyzing years of evidences, it has been proven that String Inverters are the choice of technology. Frequent failures shown with the use of individual optimizer and micro-inverter technology (at high temperatures conditions in SL) has never troubled Solar Thirst clients.

Performance First

The primary objective of a project - "Optimum Energy Yield", was never compromised for minor decorative elements, Thereby avoiding an unnecessary internal power consumption. A wide operational voltage range keeps the system running even at low lighting conditions. Our technology never became a burden to us or our customers.


Solar systems are originally designed to run on its own and is maintenance free. Customers involvement during its operation will be minimal. Wi-Fi based Continuous remote monitoring and troubleshooting minimize failure rate and related production shortages.

Affordable Energy

We made solar genuinely affordable for all. As a principle, we try our best to make solar a feasible solution for the many. We have proved Genuine Chinese products can stand at the same level with real German products. Solar Thirst has no competition against those widely available counterfeit products, labeled as "Made in Germany".

Why you should select Solar Panel System in Sri Lanka
At Solar Thirst Energy Systems we focus on ensuring customer satisfaction. Our after sales team and dedicated engineers constantly monitor the performance of the solar electricity installations.

Why Solar ?


Save Money

One step towards renewable energy is many steps towards bringing down your electricity cost. Switching to solar power will help you counter the soaring prices of electricity for years to come.

Save The Planet

The majority of our planet’s electricity supply depend on coal, oil, and natural gases. However, these natural energy sources face a number of challenges including rising prices and limited supplies. By continuing to utilize these ever-depleting resources on our planet, we are destroying the balance of the eco-system which is not sustainable. Your move to renewable energy takes you one step closer to securing a better future for your children.


No Monthly Commitment

Switching to solar energy would set you free from the commitment of a monthly electricity bill. Your enterprise or household will run on the sun’s infinite energy, while you work towards securing a better future for your business or your family.

Our Products

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This is how we work to make your renewable energy dream a reality… straight on our path.

Solar Panel System Services

Our Specialities -Why Solar Thirst

You might have future expansion plans for your place. Or, you might not be able to predict how many units your newly built home will consume. Either way, we will provide you with the best customizable design that will have space for future upgradations. Just plug in new panels and start harvesting!
We are a company formed by a set of Electronic, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers who have graduated from University undoubtedly the best place for an engineer to be nurtured in Sri Lanka. We are keeping up with the latest trends in the industry to make sure we provide you with the best possible solution.
Not only do we provide solar energy, but also well calculated energy saving mechanisms and design advises free of charge, as an additional offer…!
Our dedicated team ensures that our customers go through as less hassle as possible. We will take care of application submission and due payments on your behalf with the relevant CEB/LECO offices. Your presence is needed only when signing the agreement with CEB/LECO at the CEB/LECO area office on a convenient day for you.
Our designed systems require minimum maintenance as it does not contain bulky equipment like batteries that require frequent maintenance. We will be visiting your place at your convenience and will be taking care of your system’s health without any charge for the first two years.
At Solar Thirst Energy Systems (Pvt) Ltd, you are always our first priority. We thrive to serve you in every possible way by offering more than you expect. Need proof? We are happy to arrange a site visit at our clients’ premises on your request so that you can see for yourself.
We provide loan schemes from government and private banks for our customers to install our systems. There can be negotiated easier payment schemes as well. Convenience of the customer is our prime objective.

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